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Driver - Oscar Joyce

Oscar Joyce

18 Years Old
  •   Surrey, UK
Senior X30 - 59

Oscar started racing at the end of 2018 when he joined Premium Karting. He has improved massively since starting with the team and is progressing further up the grid in some of the most competitive racing in the World. 2022 will see Oscar competing in the Senior X30 class in the Motorsport UK, LGM and IAME Euro series races.

Driver - Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

17 Years Old
  •   Hampshire, UK
Senior X30 - 33

2022 will see Sam aiming to compete at the front of the British Motorsport UK Championship as well as returning to the IAME European series in the Senior category.
2021 saw Sam regularly feature at the front of races ending his Junior career with an impressive win at the final round of the British championship and taking 3rd in the overall series standings.
He previously finished 2nd in the UKC and 7th in the Motorsport UK British championships with the team in 2020.

Driver - Louis Johnston Coull

Louis Johnston Coull

17 Years Old
  •   Hampshire, UK
Senior X30 - 61

Louis joined the team in 2020 and has made massive improvements since. In 2022 he will be competing in the Motorsport UK and LGM championships with the aim of featuring regularly towards the front of the grid.

Driver - Josh Agambar

Josh Agambar

15 Years Old
  •   London, UK
Junior X30 - 14

Josh joined the team for the 2021 season. He has made great improvements and as featured at the front of many races through the year. 2022 will see Josh focus on the Motorsport UK championship with the aim of being a regular contender for race wins and potentially the championship victory.

Driver - Henry Gregory

Henry Gregory

14 Years Old
  •   UK
Junior X30 - 77

Henry joins the team for the 2022 season after some strong performances at the end of 2021 in Junior X30. He will be focusing on the British Championships this year with support from Spike Sport engines.

Driver - Morgan Moore

Morgan Moore

13 Years Old
  •   Ireland
Junior X30 - 93

Morgan joins the team at the end of 2021 straight into the Junior X30 class from Cadets. We will be working hard to get him used to extra speed and challenges that await him in 2022

Driver - Tyler Read

Tyler Read

20 Years Old
  •   Northants, UK
Senior X30 - 27

Tyler joined the team for the end of the 2021 season. Since joining he has shown very impressive speed which has seen him regularly at the front of races. We are looking forward to seeing how he progesses into the 2022 season.

Driver - Alfie Garford

Alfie Garford

13 Years Old
  •   Lincolnshire, UK
Junior X30 - 88

Alfie joins the team for 2022 after winning the Junior TKM British championship in 2021. He plans to concentrate on the British championship again in 2022 but this time in the Junior X30 class.

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